Current Staff

Leader: Prof. Paola Gramatica


Paola is full professor of Environmental Chemistry at Insubria University (Varese, Italy), Delegate of the Rector for International Relationships. She was Director of the Structural and Functional Biology Department (DBSF) of Insubria Univ. in 2007-2010. She is leader of the QSAR Research Unit in Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology since 1997, now in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences (DiSTA). She is author of more than 150 scientific papers on ISI international journals (about 7000 citations (without self) and h index= 38 in Web of Science, about 10000 and h= 44 in Google Scholar, February 2017), four chapters on her researches in scientific books and more than 300 presentations to meetings (some invited plenary conference), mainly in applications of QSAR (Quantitative Structure – Activity Relationships) models to environmental chemical topics. The QSARINS software is the main outcome of the last 20 years of experience in validated QSAR modeling.

Assistant professor: Dr. Ester Papa, PhD                        


Dr. Ester Papa, PhD, is a researcher and assistant professor of Environmental Chemistry at the University of Insubria of Varese (Italy) since 2008. Her research activity takes place at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences (DiSTA) of the University of Insubria, in the QSAR Research Unit in Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology headed by Prof. P. Gramatica. Dr. Ester Papa is an expert in the development and validation of models based on Quantitative Structure-Activity relationships (QSAR) to predict toxicological and ecotoxicological endpoints for conventional and emerging pollutants, industrial chemicals and nanoparticles. Dr. Papa is the author or co-author of about 60 publications in peer reviewed international scientific journals, and she presented over 150 scientific contributions to national and international congresses.

PhD Student: Alessandro Sangion


Alessandro obtained his Bachelor degree in Environmental and Natural Science in 2013 from University of Insubria (Varese, Italy) under the supervision of Prof. Paola Gramatica with a thesis on the study of the Perstistence, Bioaccumulation and Toxic behavior of organic pollutants by QSAR models. He got a fellowship bourse and kept working in the QSAR Research Unit in Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of Prof. Gramatica while attending a master degree in Environmental Science.  He graduated in 2015 with a thesis on QSAR modeling of environmental hazard of pharmaceuticals. Alessandro started his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Environmental Science at University of Insubria, under the supervision of Prof. Gramatica and Dr. Este Papa in October 2015. His research is focused on the development of QSAR models to study environmental properties and toxicity of Contaminants of Emerging Concern.