QSAR-ME Profiler beta version: QSAR multiple endpoint profiler

  • Beta version 1.02 – 16/02/2023

    Fix sporadic missing detections of biotransformation models
    Fix model QSAR 09.18 (In vitro HCL rat-microsome aliphatic hydroxylation) QMRF broken link
    Fix display of always the first LDA class in Predictions report
    Charts now plot user data above training data
    MLR prediction interval uncertainty set to 95% instead of 97.25%
    Add fish biomagnification factor MLR model

  • Beta version 1.01 – 03/10/2022

    Fix missing update of neighbors tables when no neighbors are detected
    Add fish bioconcentration factor LDA and MLR models
    Update fish dietary biomagnification factor model

  • Beta version 1.0 – 29/06/2022

    First beta version release